Boston Shows America’s Goodness

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Boston Shows America’s Goodness

As our heads reel with news of the death of one Boston bomber and capture of his brother–as our emotions surge and sink, from joy to heartbreak, from relief to righteous anger–let us pause to remember something important here, now.

The story of the Boston Marathon bombing has been gripping news. Americans across the country have been glued to their tvs, radios, and computers, trying to understand what happened, and why.

What’s Bad Shows What’s Good

The fact that this story has been such big news, however, is a beautiful thing about America. There are sad parts of the world where it is not unusual to stumble across severed limbs and even corpses. Historically and geographically, the violent destruction of human life has not and still is not always viewed as especially interesting, much less as a matter of concern.

But in America, we react to such destruction with outrage and moral indignation. This is a powerful sign of America’s goodness.

True Principles Remain True, and Inspiring

We might have strayed from the true and right principles of our Founding, admittedly. But the principle of human equality–the basic idea that every human being, regardless of one’s station in the life, possesses an equal dignity because every human being possesses the equal natural right to his or her own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness–still fills and expands the American spirit.

Any self-governing republic is slow to be moved. But when threatened, we Americans move. Since Lexington and Concord, no Earthly power has ever beaten us on our own soil. Never! We are a feisty, freedom-loving, revolutionary people. We should never forget that.

Stand Firm

So, amidst the carnage and chaos of Boston, let us not sink into despair. Let us feel the warmth of the American moral light. Let us feel confident that America is still the beacon of freedom in the world. Let our true principles of freedom shine bright and far. And when cowardly, small, slavish souls touting slavish ideologies and religions try to hurt us–and they always will try, because the light of freedom threatens their slavish ways–let us stand firm on the principles that unite us. Let us waver not one inch.

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